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miles per hour from mountain view to sfo. we have heavy rain in the forecast. and may have potentially possible problems again, urban flood advisory. i'll show you the timing of the storm. >> we've been following the storm system tonight. abc 7 news is on the coast well. begin in the north bay. good evening, wayne. >> anyone who lives in marin county know what they endured today. rain, fog, wind. here we had hail. a lot of people were inconvenienced. some people in a major way. and yet, at the end, they felt fortunate. >> this is what happens when a typical winter storm gets
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mean. >> one step, crash. >> i was two feet underneath the rubble. >> the wrong end of a douglas fir that crashed@új6ñ through tr car port and nearly them. they were inside. >> did you see it? >> no. >> did you hear it?. >> no. >> came down from this direction. >> the story was the worst from wet days it brought inconvenience and freeways and roads, maybe you had a chance to check out white caps. or a torrent on the creek. would you not have had to park in the rain, or walk in it or wax poetic bit. >> it's okay. better than snow. i'm from massachusetts. could with worse. you want to talk about mayan end of the sfwhorld. >> today, it almost was. >> there is fire wood new.
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>> i do. i'd rather get an easier way. >> especially when part of the house could qualify. tonight, they're blaming a shallow root system for being a reason the tree fell. they're looking'-ñ because there are more trees on that hill. one is leading in the wrong direction. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> wayne, thank you. on the coast tonight, heavy flooding closed highway 1. this video shows a situation just south of t petaluma road. caltrans tells us highway will remain closed until water recedes whenever that may be. >> farther up the coast this is highway 162. near where the weather opened up a billing hole in the roadway. both lanes washed out. it and looks like big rig had to be pulled out. these pictures on facebook today by the sheriff's department.
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>> let's check in now with john alston live tonight. john, the surf has been rough there, today. >> this will continue to be rough there. is a high surf advisory in effect. they're expecting swells between 16 and 19 feet, wind and rain made for a nasty day. this is not a day at the beach for ken in san francisco. >> oh, oh. >> i'm ready and taking this down. >> waves and high surf did not scare off a few surfers in rockaway beach. it was a risky afternoon. and these guys took a beating. fisherman won't go go near open seas. gale warning flag tells them what they need to know.
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>> it's windy. no. no one should be out like this. there are gale warnings up today, everyone is in port. >> that is rob cranka. >> i got crabs i'm holding here for people that made arrangements that wanted them for christmas eve. i'll have them for them. >>h÷çñ the we could have made a couple thousand dollars but sit what it s you take a break now or take it next week. >> sandbags are available for residents living in flood prone neighborhoods. quiet today, but expected to pick up tomorrow after next round of rain. crews anticipating the6$.worm and they removed tree branches. >> a lot of outages we can see are caused by healthy cruise coming down into power lines that can take multiple spans of poles down as well.
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>> for now, rain stopped. stars are out. however, that is probably going to change in the next few hoursrfkw and into weekend. the national weather service advising foam stay off of jetties because it's very, very dangerous. >> there is a holiday tragedy in the sierra. a skier died in squaw valley he hit a tree on what is called k 22. he was wearing a helmet but they're not identifying him yet. officials released a statement reading in part we've sent our simp pathos to family and friends. >> and an arrest has been made in a high profile murder investigation. police say they zront a killer. the 22-year-old raven dixon is under arrest. and right. the police here in los gatos have had investigatorkkcvs a
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wealthy businessman. now, an operation resulted in an arrest in this shocking case adding more intrigue. raven chanel dixon charged with a felony, being an ak he isry in a high profile homicide we slowed down&+]9 the void vido. >> this is new. she's, you know, just seeing her like that come out this, is... it's hard for a family. >> and tuesday noorks next week connection of a slaying of a wealthy businessman. he was known to many as ravi is the former ob owner of mountain winery. he was killed in what police describe as a home invailgs. they say disms yn's arrest should reassure the public. >> we're seeing this is not a random incident. we're seeing there is a
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relationship between the suspect and victim. >> documents indicate dixon was arrested after offering an under cover officer sexual services for 600s skpdz cocaine, $50. documents also indicate after her arrest, she admitted tok a sexual escort for six years. disms yn's attorney called it an ambush. >> no family members know anything bit. it's out of the blue charge. i think that they just might want someone to charge a homicide to. >> this is the a man they believe dixon not only had an ongoing relationship with kumra but knew the person that killed him. >> she's done everything in herby?ñ
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later tonight, michael finney goes price matching. >> retailers don't do this, they're not going to be able to commute. >> how to find best deals on the last shopping weekend before christmas. >> and stay tuned we're going to give don sanchez a chance to say goodbye after a remarkable career here on abc 7. stay with us. kx;x$ú
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a federal appeals court blocked the california law banning day conversion therapy, pugt the law on hold until it can hear arguments on the issue the law banning conversions be there aims to turn gay minors straight was to take affect january 1. counselors and two families say their teen-aged sons benefited from it sought the injunction after a lower court redees -- refuse aid request. >> news that 800 jobs in chevron headquarters are being moved to houston, texas. david louie is live tonight
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and sounds like officials there got very little warning. >> they didn't get very much warning. the mayor tells me that he got the bad news yesterday afternoon from chevron but apparently, the plan to moist jobs to texas had been underway for months. >> this is not something you want to see. it's a big impact here. >> 800 jobs represents just under a 4th of the 3500 employees at the san ramone headquarters. chevron says it told workers but didn't make it public until sending out an e mail yesterday. five business units are involved, all support the oil exploration in the gulf of mexico and it's alternative fuel research in houston. it will allow them to collaborate side by side. chevron says headquarters will remain in san ramone. stewart bambino from the san ramone chamber of commerce
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calculates the impact. >> going to be millions of dollars. millions when you take into consideration property values, all of the tax base if they're to lose jobs. it's oo local restaurants and retailer as cross the street from the main entrance stand to lose good customers. another concern is what a large relocation will do to the real estate market. and she points out many moved here from lower cost area autos they ended up renting homes so it's going to be vaikance yeez on rentals or on homes but we have waiting lists for rentals. and our homes have multiple offers so i don't think we're going to have issue autos in a carefully worded e mail, chevron says business needs be routinely reviewed and seemed to indicate that remaining bay
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area jobs are not likely to move to houston. the mayor recognizes the decision is probably a done deal, but still would like to talk to executives to find out what he can learn to prevent more jobs from leaving the area. in sab ramone, abc 7 news. >> and this shuffle of jobs should not have an affect on the local unemployment rate. figures show california jobless rate now at 9.8% and that is the first time it dipped below 10% since reet session began. >> a farmland has been declared off limits to developers over. the peninsula open space trust agreed to pay for 900 acres of farms that belonged to the diaz family since the 1800s. it will preserve the rural character of the area, preventing developers from building luxury homes on it
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oakland zoo got a christmas gift and doesn't know who to thank. zoo officials opened a letter this week and inside found a check for $1 million. the zoo tried to find out who gave that gift but foundation says donor wished to remain anonymous. money will go a long way in helping the zoo day-to-day operations. it used to get $1.2 million from the city. now, it gets less than half that have amount what. a fabulous gift. >> incredible gift. >> and we had quite the weather moving through tonight. >> yes. and look what live doppler 7 is picking up now. lightning strikes here. so we may be seeing a clap of thunder. checking out where it's raining now i'm going to take you closer and show where radar is. it's on mount st. helena.
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around clover dale, zag springs road we have spotty showers in the east bay. also, for peninsula and looking across the dunbarton bridge it's slick. fabian way, perhaps sinkels now. around ben loman we're getting steadier rainfall. in sierra nevada chain controls remain in effect. temperatures now mainly 50s and a few 40s around fairfield, highlights, scattered showers tonight. heavy rain tomorrow morning could see isolated thunderstorms popping up. there is rain into holiday weekend featuring sometime whuz may be able to go out and do shopping. we're now watching some unstable air behind it with another system coming through.
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and this is how it plays out. tonight, showers, nothing too heavy until later on tonight going into wee hours of the morning. 3:00 a.m. possibly thunder. you can see east bay, south bay may get heavy rainfall along with the thunderstorms. and saturday just scattered showers going into evening f you have plans for holidays, or doing some shopping just carry umbrellas. sunday morning next round moves in. 3:00 a.m. there are light returns going on. a next cold front coming through we can see some urban flood advisory goesing up, ponding of roadways. we're not looking at main rivers this is through sunday evening. looking at rainfall totals through 7:00 p.m. sunday, highest into the mountains.
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lower elevations in north bay two to four inches. less than that across the region but talking about inches of rain. high surf advisory until 4:00 p.m. saturday, swells will continue and you cann#wt see current wave heights. storm watch, yes. there is a winter storm warning until 10:00 p.m. sunday, two to five feet of snow above 4,000 feet. it has been snowing there. wind blowing. there will be chain controls like right now, tomorrow morning make sure if you have plans it's going to be careful out there. mid 40s to low 50s and tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers, you'll need rain gear still, mid-40s around clear lake. snow in mountains there. other areas into 50s and a look at the accu-weather forecast is rainy sunday,
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christmas eve. and by christmas day, rain chance, rain returns by afternoon across the bay area showers wednesday, thursday, chance of showers, and then, friday, hopefully, you'll get a lot of rain gear for christmas? >> yes. >> we'll$> thank you very much. >> coming up next, a relaxing day at the spa. >> ah, yes, for bay area mom who's really
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ooxz r. bay area mothers who children were murder victims were taken to marinello beauty school, and got a full day of salon treatment. the women belong to a support group for grieving mothers. >> feeling and life back into me. you don't take time with all of this, you're so busy fighting and trying to get justice, not thinking about yourself. not trying to do nothing about yourself, you forget yourself.
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>> six years after her son's murder she's still seeking justice. >> some retailers staying open all night, throughout the weekend. shoppers seem to appreciate the idea with four days to go before christmas, macy's opened at 7:00 a.m.ipxñ today, remaining open through sunday. special deals are part of the attraction for buyers. >> people have busy lives, kids, family this, gives them an opportunity to shop when they need to. >> more traffic, more people. people want to come out and convenience is important. one coupon site shows 30% wait until the last minute to make big purchases for holidays. >> that could be stress oofl yes. kit. >> there are still deals to be found. michael finney goes price matching, coming up. >> also tonight national rifle
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association reacts to the connecticut schools tragedy with a proposal forearmed guards at schools. >> and the president leaves for hawaii as republicans plot their next move at the edge of the fiscal cliff. stay with us. abc 7 news at 6:00 continues in just a moment.
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a bay area protestor hustled out of a news conference where the nra breaks it's silence by suggesting there should be more guns on campus, not fewer. >> nra says there should be an armed police officer at every school. >> abc 7 news mark matthews is here, got quite a reaction today it did. and a few expected the nra to come out in favor of gun control but executive vice president never brought it up. national rifle association sent a sharp mess yachblgt no
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retreat. >> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> nra meter said what is needed is an armed police officer in every single school. and he accused washington of rank hypocrisy for protecting the president but failing to do the same for school children. >> we as a society leave them every day utterly defenseless. >> nravp unloaded on the news media and condemned producers of violent video games and the police chief points out there is no mention of gun autos to suggest that guns shouldn't be part of the conversation? i think that is ridiculous. >> the chief calls it crazy to allow the clips and weapons of war on our city streets.
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>> i have guns myself. but... to have a assault rifle sni don't any thi there is a place for that on the streets. >> wait a minute. wait a minute. man with a gun. very it locked up. wait until i go get it. it doesn't make sense. >> senator feinstein says it's a distraction. >> this is a distraction of large ammunition feeding device that's allows shooters to expell more bullets. >> in richmond, parents of school children says nra proposal is not for them. >> i don't think that proposed escalation is going get to the root of the problem. >> if the club retired the sheriff's deputy, likes the plan. >> only way to fight fire was fire, if you've got someone
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that is ampld and you're not, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. >> part whaft nra is doing is sending a message that clamping down on assault weapons going draw fire from the nra. >> thank you. >> from connecticut to california people paid respects to victims of the newtown school massacre. bells tolled from the moment when shats rang out. 26 people were killed and 20 of them, children, first and secondo?kñ graders. president obama paid tribute as well, observing a moment of silence at the while the house. >> president obama announced a choice to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. its massachusetts senator john kerry. praising his qualifications
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saying his life prepared him for the job. kero served as chairman of the senate foreign relations committee and is a decorated vietnam veteran. he became a leading contender after susan rice withdrew her name from consideration last week.÷e >> time is running out.jw>z president says he's ready and willing to get a big package done by would accept a stopgap measure to avoid spending cuts on january 1. >> nobody can get 100% of what they want this, is not a content between parties in terms of who looks good, who doesn't. there are58=ñ real world consequences to what we do here. >> the comments came after house speak year accused him of being less than truth bfl at approach to the negotiations. >> he wants more spending and
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tax hikes. he won't deal with entitlement reform and big issues facing our country. >> boehner says he ream ree mains open to negotiation buzz it's clear nothing will be settled if the next few days. the president left with his family, to spend christmas in hawaii. >> wall street sent a message loud and clear there is a major stake in the washington deficit talks. dow jones fell sharply today. the economists believe if we go over the fiscal cliff, it could trigger a reseegs still looking for holiday gifts in an affordable price? >> coming up next, some advice on price matching.
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it's just one more weekend of shopping left. michael finney thought you might like to know how to find the best deals. >> dig box stores competing for the same customers with the same merchandise and they know they need to offer competitive prices in order to get your business. >> online a mobile shopping
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makes it easier for people to make sure they're getting the best deal. so retailers offering some policies this season. >> this is a great tool for price comparing. >> if it's a major purchase and expensive, tax adds up. so... i check just before to make sure i'm not getting ripped off. >> for the first time, many retailers launched price matching programs online and in their store autos if retailers don't do this, they're just not going to be able to compete. so it's an act of desperation. they have to be able to offer price matching in some way. >> kittarro is a professor of consumer psychology. she studies retail behaveors. >> there is research showing consumers prefer shopping online because management they can see, there is price comparisons and there is reviews.
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>> target will match for customer who's buy their gifts before december 24th. toys are us will match prices until kmee. that is a first for the retailer. best buy announc3wíl they're extending to best three three offer price adjustments if you find same item advertised for less. >> this is where retailers have to offer adjustments. >> this selection may be the best way to get a price adjustment. if you use pay pal to buy something before the new year, then see a lower price, pay pal will refund you the difference up to $250. in city bank will track items you buy on the card, and if the same item is found at least $25 less than what you paid, with within 30 days of
6:38 pm
purchase, it will refund you the difference. it's important to read the fine print. they all have various pramt ters andu%)fl exceptions. i'm michael finney, 7qaannf >rr side. >> all right. coming up next a heart felt so long to a long time colleague. looking back at the 40 year career of the legendary don sanchez.
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>> this is a bittersweet day for us on abc 7 news. as our colleague don sanchez is retiring. >> packing away his microphone after 40 years on the job here and abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings worked with him during his remarkable career with this look back. this is the perks of being a
6:42 pm
wall flower, wisdom for teenagers. two french films(rjzd are next. a long time married couple facing realities of age. it's emotional. >> that is -- . >> we did that at 4:00. >> number one, lincoln. argo. >> number a good films this year. >> yes. >> and fast few years of his career. >> last few years now. >> you've done it all during that time. >> and i know i didn't sleep in the studio. i understand i'm sup fosd do that. i anchored 5:00 before you. mornings, evenings. sports ampkors a number of times. we did it all. i don't know. we're going to take a look back at -- . >> we zront the tape f we get it, we'll go to it. >> please... >> and get to the party they're having.
6:43 pm
>> that song goes here is that rainy day. it's hard to believe it has been 40 years. it seems like september 25th1972, just yesterday. so i want to thank everybody here at abc 7 for making it an amazing time. this group is the most tall yenlted creative television station in the country no, doubt. and for you at home, thank you for letting me be a part of your life. i was hope that i was able to leave with you food for thought and importantly, a smile. now, i'll be back for academy awards right here, and who knows? we may meet along the way. i'll see you on the aisle. >> this is your full bucket. >> thank you. >> you have been one of the most remarkable, kindest, most talented people i've worked with all of the years that is what people should know about you. >> thank you so much. i don't want to dwell on it.
6:44 pm
people get tired of this. >> and i haven't been here that long but you know the time we have been able to be together was awesome meeting you. >> you, too. you're going to do remarkably well. >> that is prop pop corn. >> yes. >> i'll save that from you. >> it was from 1972. >> just quickly talk about some of the memories you've had. serious news stories. and. >> yes. >> lighter moment autos yes. we've done that. there is my goodness, yes. a man when killed his sister skrks confessed to me on camera. i've been thrown by wrestlers, knocked out by one. >> you took a fall. >> yes. sleeper hold. >> i told you my favorite was dolly parton. i did an interview. she said i like the interview and i like the way you smell. she gave me a big hug which to, this day, made an impression. >> we've found that piece. let's take a look now. 40 years.
6:45 pm
>> from anchor december tok red carpet... to wherever assignment takes him... to this house. >> brought don here to scotland. i wanted you to experience what we've experienced. >> don sanchez has spent full decades sharing the world with abc 7 viewer autos improve with age he got a start at ksby. a fresh faced qid a big voice. >> decide being voters are interested in law and order, vietnam war and the cost of living. >> back then, don interviewed celebrities. like other small town reporters did commercial autos unbelievable but true, ready to go to the beach. i'm going in the brand new barracuda. >> after nine years it was suddenly over. >> one day, they fired the news department. >> just days later don landed at kgotv.
6:46 pm
>> they said maybe, we'll give you three weeks worth of work. >> he never looked back. >> they'll march at noon to protest. >> don loves the bay area and the bay area loves him, benjiman bratt group watching don. >> you're a legend in my family. >> do you want to play me in your next film? >> if i can grow that mustache, boy. >> his trademark mustache almost disappeared for good. >> the news director said we don't have mustaches here. you'll have to cut it off. three years later a new news director said we want to you start doing sports but you look too young. have you ever thought about growing a mustache? >> don made a dashing sports anchor and willing to take risks. the meeting with a sumo
6:47 pm
wrestler so captivating the station ran knit slow motion and added music. don got hurt badly but that didn't help him from taking this trip. another adventure in terror set to music.jxtw >> don got sucked underwater and managed to scramble to safety. the day after that, too. >> later, don hosted a live morning show. and seven years he and i were paired as an anchor team.?a8w we worked together during some of the bay area's biggest news events. don's office is packed with momentos of the stories good and bad. >> 1989 world series. >> do you remember? >> we were anchoring. >> when the loma prieta
6:48 pm
earthquake hit, abc 7 news crews were first on the scene and set up a makeshift studio in the newsroom skb got back on the air, quickly. and nonstop reporting earned a pea body award. >> that has been my proudest moment here. not what i did, but what everybody working here did. >> don became abc 7 news arts and entertainment reporter. he has done hups of celebrity interviews. then even a cameo on "general hospital". through it all, don is true to his roots. in scotland he tried sword fighting and one of the first to visit card land in california adventure park. he still races out to cover
6:49 pm
does a movie review with a bucket of popcorn. >> if you take it seriously... >> friends and fans loved you 40 years so we'll give you a really full bucket and we'll see you on the aisle. >> you and i,... >> 40 years went by fast. >> yes. >> congratulations autos thank you. >> and our best to you, too. >> you're the best, buddy. >> thank you, don. >> b
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probably without their own beast up front looks like they will not have justin smith sunday night. he listed as questionable for this sunday, at this point looks as though its 185 streak likely going to come to an end. ricky john francis will start in his place. >> first time i saw you in
6:53 pm
tampa bay, everybody knows7ab number one in the lineman. didn't want a guy to have a play to start. they're going to try to come up. but that is the best part bit. >> stanford defense just took a hit. terrence stevens has been ruled ineligible, stevens ampkors third best rush defense in the nation. they'll have a tais tas being of stopping january 1 in pasadena. good news fo. a's fans. lou wolf pledging to keep the team at the coliseum. wolf sent a letter asking for a five year extension of the a's team lead, expiring after 2013 season. he says a's want to build a park in san jose. major league baseball has not approved a move. the craft fight finger bowl is eight day as way.
6:54 pm
two teams with very different style autos our kbe mark for a giant exclamation point for spartans of san jose state. >> after being shut out by san jose state september 29th he found himself as one and three. and that is when the shaed coach made a change for the important position on the field he's been a quarterback since that time. a good football team but a turning point for us. we had to find ourselves quickly.2jx and we did. a big part of it has been number 19. >> the right call, winning seven of the last eight.;5ifw arizona state had ups and downs after starting the season, they dropped in our a row to pac-10 rivals. sun did he have yilz able to
6:55 pm
right the ship. this will be a match up of conflicting styles. asu with a high octane pass run attack. >> this 12 games we can throw them all out and takes advantage of teams not disciplined. it equalizes athletic ability. so we have is to play as a unit. >> i told our guys hardest thing we do is probably play football. >> easiest thing young men do is play football. there is respect. owe they are remarkable and should be a good game. >> one last check of the weather. >> yes. you'll see there are lightning strikes well off the coast.
6:56 pm
could see a chance of thunder in the morning. light showers in san carlos. shelby lane on the east bay, newark seeing light returns, hang on to umbrellas, scattered showersb)ha., heaviest rain tomorrow morning with a chance of thunder. there is a fast moving system. dry christmas eve, christmas day, afternoon rain is arriving. >> perfect, thank you. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from everyone here, have a great night. >> wecneu appreciate your time. see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- a recent college graduate originally from charleston, west virginia... ...a bookseller from moorpark, california... ...and our returning champion, a real-estate agent from sunnyside, new york...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. hi, everyone. sometimes in final jeopardy!, a player will take a big risk, make a large wager, and it pays off, and that's the case for mike wallace on yesterday's show. 's above the average. chrisanne and jessica, good luck. thatre we go -- the jeopar. categories are as follows. that sounds like fun. alex: of course. mike, you start us. skyscraper city for $200.

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